Mary Mac’s Tea Room
April 18, 2009, 3:09 pm
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Really without planning to, I ended up visiting 2 longtime Atlanta favorites for comfort food (see OK Cafe).  Mary Mac’s, open since 1945, specializes more in Southern and Soul food.  Yeeee-haw!

Let me set this up by saying that there is a Southern food spot in Athens called Peaches.  This is probably one of my all-time favorite restaurants.  I would go there 2-3 times a week sometimes when I was at UGA (GO DAWGS!).  I can’t name another restaurant I have ever done that with.  There are some I would if I could afford it.

So, when visiting similar restaurants, I always compare them to Peaches.  In this case, I ordered my old standby: fried chicken, macaroni-and-cheese, and green beans.  Peaches, Peaches, and Peaches!  Sorry to all ya’ll Mary Mac lovers; maybe you can point me in the direction of some other dishes.  I love Southern food.  The chicken was moist and crispy, but really had no flavor.  I like a little seasoning!  The green beans and mac-and-cheese were good, but as I said earlier, it’s hard to make a green bean stand out and theirs didn’t.  I don’t think a mac-and-cheese exists that is better than Peaches.  When I was done with Mary’s, there was at least 2 tablespoons of oil/grease left at the cup.

I’d also like to mention that the space is a little rundown and could use some renovating.  I thought it smelled like pee when I walked in, but it wasn’t as bad in the dining area.  Also, there was a woman going around talking to tables and rubbing people’s backs.  I am so glad she didn’t come to mine!

As you can tell, I was not impressed. I’ll probably still go back unless I can find something better, but man I hope this isn’t the best Soul food Atlanta has to offer.  Mary Mac’s is located at 224 Ponce De Leon Ave, Atlanta.  They are open 7 days a week, 11am-9pm.  Most entrees are under $10 and include 2 sides and bread.


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From my experience, Mary Mac’s is WAY overrated. I have the following on my list to try for Southern food: Son’s Place, Carver’s Country Cooking & Busy Bee Cafe. I’ve heard great things about all of these.

Comment by Amy

you need to try the collard greens at Mary Mac’s. They may change your mind about the green stuff there.

Comment by gloria

Everyone I know love Agnes and Muriel’s – it’s just moved here’s the link to their website

Comment by Jo

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